Our pricing and licensing are straightforward, designed to simplify font usage. We offer a flat rate for complete font families with a user-friendly license, making it easy for you to enjoy our fonts.

Check out our End User License Agreetment: EULA or Trial EULA.
If you have any questions about the license. Feel free to reach out


Can I use the fonts for a logo?

Yes, of course.


Where can I use the font?

The license cover everything from App, Broadcast, Desktop, Logotype, Social Media and Web


Can I modify the font?

You are not allowed to modify the font-files. But you can always outline the type in you design application and edit those for example for a logo.


Are there any recurring costs?

Nope. You pay once and own those rights forever.


Can I use the font on my website or app?

Certainly! All licenses covers both web and app usage. However, each license has allocated a specific number of monthly views for both web and app platforms.


What font formats will I get?

You'll get TTF, OTF, WOFF, WOFF2 and Variable.

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